Dawn Chorus and Bealtaine

Dawn Chorus as project inviting older people to sing at dawn began back in 2008, as part of Age & Opportunity’s Bealtaine Festival.  It began in response to the last (financial) crisis. What were you doing in that one??

In Bealtaine Festival’s version older adults picked songs with whoever was local and wanted to get involved, decided together on a lovely place by water to sing in and a morning  when they would perform, then rehearsed and sang together as the sun. Simple to do it cost nothing but time and was fun. People got involved with family and friends or their village or neighbours.  This year, they have moved it online – there may be a choir or group near you – check out their facebook page to see.  We are all working together and this event can also be part of the build up to this Dawn Chorus!

It was also useful, in crisis everyone gets stuck in the here and now. The long memories of older adults brought useful perspectives. I remember someone saying to me with a grin, “Is this only your first crisis?”.

Singing is a good thing to do in a crisis. Unless you’re hiding from werewolves.

By Dominic Campbell

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