The invitation to sing

This Dawn Chorus invites you to sing. Brilliantly, badly, boldly, or just to yourself. While we’re all socially distanced who cares and why wouldn’t ya?

While we’re at home in lockdown this site helps you find what you need – lyrics, tunes and encouragement. As lockdown eases it will help you find others to sing with. We are making this up as we go. While we can help you, you can help us.

There are different ways to get involved via this site.  We’ve tried to make it easy to understand. If it’s not please message us on Facebook or Twitter, let us know how we can do it better.

But know this site won’t work for everyone. Especially people who don’t have the internet. Can you help reach out to them? Print the lyrics and drop them around? Invite them to call ALONE? Use the resources here or let us know what we might do better.

By Dominic Campbell

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