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Mary Nac Nellis’s The Granny Song starts “O can we go to Granny’s House? to Granny’s House? to Granny’s House?” It’s a question some of us are going to be hearing a little longer.

So while you are here are three more songs to learn and pass the time. New ones! Ideal for singing across the generations. Easy to learn but not without some tongue twisters to keep your tongue on your toes, so to speak.

Huge thanks to Mary,  Aileen Lambert and Mick Fortune of Folklore Ireland for the loan of the tunes and for their generosity and help. Mick and Aileen must be the hardest working artists in Ireland! You can find more of their work here. Aileen is especially involved in Creative Ireland’s Criunniu n N’og of which more soon.

When we jump started this adventure in singing together apart we knew there wouldn’t be a clear end to the lockdown. If we are all careful and lucky there will be a gradual re-opening. But it could be months until we can gather together. The frailest who need the most protection might be those cocooned for longest.

We’re uploading songs with this in mind. You’ll be able to find a few more over the month, each with its own video, lyrics and notes, and where we can all the parts for a choir. RIAM and Sing Ireland are helping out here and going well above and beyond.

With Healthy Ireland, ALONE, The Alzheimer’s Society, Understand Together and Age Northern Ireland we’re focused on how the most frail in society can be involved.  Thanks to them we’re able to have lyrics and activity packs hand delivered. We’re working with RTE to arrange sing a longs on radio shows.

This is all being done voluntarily. If you can help or want to please get in touch.

By Dominic Campbell

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