Getting Involved

Get Together:

Get your group together – friends, family, neighbours, online groups, choirs, community groups.  Reach out and make sure that you include everyone!

Not in a group yet but want to join in?

Sing Ireland list all of their member choirs around the country,  is one near you participating?

If you would like to find a choir to join in the Dublin City Council administrative area visit and search for ‘Choir’ to find choirs in your local area.

Keep an eye on for join-in singing sessions on your phone.

Bringing people in:

You may be already in a group or thinking about creating one for this.  Post about it on your website if you have one or your social media pages (#DawnChorusIreland), maybe put up a notice in your local shop.  Let people know that you are rehearsing together, apart, and that all are welcome to join in.  A little connection in these isolating days means a lot.

Join the dots:

We are hoping that groups sing what they want – the debate over the best songs to sing is part of the craic. However, we know that to kick off any lively debate you need some inspiration, so we have suggested some songs to start you off.  

Click on the “The Songs” page to get the music, lyrics, accompaniment and videos to help you learn the songs, or just to sing along to. 

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